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Court Reporting and Legal Journalism Writing Guide

Court Reporting and Legal Journalism Writing Guide So youve been to court, taken good notes on a trial, done all the necessary interviews and have plenty of background. Youre ready to write. But writing about the courts can be challenging. Trials are often long and almost always complex, and for the beginning court reporter, the learning curve can be steep. So here are some tips for writing about the courts: Cut out the Jargon Lawyers love to spout legal terminology - legalese, for short. But, chances are, your readers wont understand what most of it means. So when writing your story, its your job to translate legal jargon into plain, simple English that anyone can understand. Lead With the Drama Many trials are long periods of relatively boring procedural stuff punctuated by brief moments of intense drama. Examples might include an outburst by the defendant or an argument between an attorney and the judge. Be sure to highlight such moments in your story. And if theyre important enough, put them in your lede. Example A man on trial for allegedly killing his wife during an argument unexpectedly stood up in court yesterday and shouted, I did it! Get Both Sides Its important in any news article to get both - or all - sides of the story, but as you can imagine its especially crucial in a court story. When a defendant is charged with a serious crime, its your job to get both the defense and the prosecutions arguments into your article. Remember, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Find a Fresh Lede Everyday Many trials go on for days or even weeks, so be sure to follow the recommendations for follow-up stories when you cover a long one. Remember, the key is to take the most important, interesting, and newsworthy testimony of any given day and build your lede around that. Work on the Background While the top of your story should be the trials latest developments, the bottom should include the basic background of the case - who is the accused, what is he accused of, where and when did the alleged crime occur, etc. Even when covering a highly publicized trial, never assume that your readers will know all the background of the case. Use the Best Quotes Good quotes can make or break a trial story. Jot down as many direct quotes as you can in your notebook, then use just the best ones in your story.

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Sustainable Development For Iraqi Oil And Gas Resources In the Light Dissertation

Sustainable Development For Iraqi Oil And Gas Resources In the Light of International Law - Dissertation Example 1.2. Background of the study Overview of the current situation in the Iraqi oil and gas industry From 1975 to 2003 the Iraq’s oil and gas industry has been entirely state-operated. Blanchard (2009) points out that during this time the infrastructure â€Å"suffered from the negative effects of war, international sanctions, a lack of investment and technology, and, in some cases, mismanagement† (p.1). After the collapse of Saddam’s Regime in 2003, new Iraqi government started to put plans to develop oil and gas industry as the sector critical for the national economy. The Iraqi Constitution states that oil and gas are exclusively owned by the Iraqi people in all regions, implying that the management of these resources is a federal responsibility. Nevertheless, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has opposed these and other related statements, interpreting the Federal Oil and Gas Law so that to pursue its own Regional Oil and Gas Law and policies (Al-adhadh 2008 : p.7). KRG claims: â€Å"Under the country’s constitution, oil and gas management is primarily a Regional right, and the main features of this Law are in line with Iraq’s draft oil law. †¦The Law not only affords the Kurdistan Region a clear and transparent legal structure for negotiations with investors; but it also benefits the rest of Iraq as, consistent with the constitution, the law requires the Kurdistan Region to share revenues from oil and gas development with the Federal Government in Baghdad† (Strategic Media n.d.: p.8). Such disagreement between national and regional interpretations of the Iraqi Oil and Gas Law entailed the current situation when, in spite of lengthy debates of economists and... This paper stresses that the need of new legal and policy guidelines for the sustainable development of the country’s petroleum resources is widely recognised among Iraqis, due to ongoing political debates the effective solution has not been found so far. The main reason is significant differences in the understanding of â€Å"the proper role and powers of federal and regional authorities in regulating oil and gas development; the terms and extent of potential foreign participation in the oil and gas sectors; and proposed formulas and mechanisms for equitably sharing oil and gas revenue†. Such differences are especially apparent in disagreements between the Iraq’s national government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. This study intends to answer a number of important questions, critical for the national economics of Iraq in terms of creating conditions for the effective management of Iraqi oil and gas industry in accordance to modern international policies of sustainable development. This report makes a conclusion that it is necessary to keep in mind that, in spite of economic growth is considered to be a powerful means of improvement of human well-being, economic development must be within the limits of what is ecologically sustainable. This is important because environment not only provides the resources for economic activity, but also ensures ecological conditions for life of humans. So, ecology is of the same great importance as economy. This study is focused on the unique current conditions in the Iraqi oil and gas industry and on the prospects for sustainable development in the production and end use of oil and gas in Iraq, with particular reference to Kurdistan region.

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Nutrition for Women and Children Research Paper

Nutrition for Women and Children - Research Paper Example g population partnerships to recognize and cure health issues, developing plans and programs to sustain individual and societal health efforts and assurance that requires enforcing laws and issues to ensure public health and safety, building linkages among people needed for personalized health services and ensuring supply of health care services that are otherwise unavailable, assurance of a very diligent public and personal health care workforce, evaluating accessibility, validity and quality of personal as well as public health care services and researching newer and innovative solutions to health care service related problems(10 Essential Public Health Services, pp.1).Although theoretically this can sound assuring, yet the problem lies somewhere else that needs to be discussed. First, let us take some examples of malnutrition and its effects in certain developing nations affecting its women and children. Research on malnutrition in sub-Saharan African nations done by Abosede and M cGuire (2001) show that in Gambia, seasonal food shortage causing low food intakes by pregnant women in times of agricultural workload being very high resulted in their dramatic weight loss during their pregnancy period resulting in lower birth weight rise from 13% to 35%. Another instance show anemic women in Benin, 55% of whom are pregnant, giving birth to iron- deficient babies. Nigeria shows children below 80% expected weight-for-age having a 33% increase in the duration of diarrhea. In Uganda it has been found that malnourished infants below 3 years of age being able to develop at a standard rate only be shortening physical activities by 20% per kg. body weight. This study also shows that many African countries suffering from vitamin A deficiency affecting 53 million children but only... This study also shows that many African countries suffering from vitamin A deficiency affecting 53 million children but only a mere 8million covered by supplementation programs. One hundred million people in Africa are suffering from Iodine Deficiency Disorders with almost two-thirds of pregnant women and more than half of infants being anemic due to deficiency of iron in their bodies. This essay makes a conclusion that the intervention should be pocket friendly and innovative in ensuring successful delivery mechanisms. The leadership is also expected to ensure government policies regarding agriculture and food production should be such as to ensure human nutritional demands. There are a few areas where the leadership can be useful in accelerating progress. Primary health care services is the prime sector where intervention should be operational, that is, proper counseling of mothers will help reduce infant deaths due to sub optimal breast feeding, supply of ready-to- use therapeutic foods which will allow malnourished infants to be treated in home. The topical time is a genetic age. In certain ways it is more of a natural development of biotechnology and genetic engineering; on the other hand, it is a revolutionary era in which there have been various views regarding diet and nutritional needs of human body. Genomic information is now being utilized to evaluate th e reasons for individual variations in correspondence to specific nutritional requirements and dietary plans.

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Achilles Essay Example for Free

Achilles Essay Achilles set the model or heroism in the western world. Do you think Odysseus is a better model? Why or why not? The two heroes have their different characteristics and contributions to the English Literature. They were known by their every heroism acts, honored with their people and envied by their enemies. Odysseus was portrayed as a hero by the Greek because of his many virtues and, considered as a villainous falsifier by the Romans. (http/www:wikipwedia. com). He portrayed inconstant characteristics as a hero. He’s known to be cunning and deceitful, tricky and wise. One of the most influential Greek Champions of the Trojan War, a friend of Achilles whom he had convinced to join with Menelaus (King of Spartan) troops in sailing through Troy, and retrieve Helen (mistress of the King) that was abducted by Paris of Troy. Though, he tried to avoid from coming since an oracle prophesized that he’ll be delayed long in returning home if he went, but Palamedes placed his son in front of the plough which forced him to go. He became one of the most trusted advisers and counselors. He helped and brought the battle to victory. Just before the war begun, he accompanied Menelaus and Palemedes in an attempt to negotiate Helen’s peaceful return. Menelaus made unpersuasive emotional arguments, but his arguments almost persuaded the Trojan court to hand her over. He was indeed a hero of the Greek because of his strength and intelligence, his irresistible approach towards negotiations of the land’s boundaries and properties. On the other hand, Achilles was too a Greek hero of the Trojan War, the central character and the greatest warrior of Homer’s lliad, which takes for its theme the Wrath of Achilles. (http/www: google. com). He was known as the quickest and the most handsome of the heroes assembled against Troy. His great relationship with his friend Patroclus, who wore his armor the time he’s slain by Hector. On the movie â€Å"Troy†, he became more of a hero when he turned back and join the war to save the woman he first held as a captive at the first time they conquered one of the places of Troy. He showed passionate love with the Troy Princess and tried to keep her when King Menelaus invaded and murdered the King of Troy. Though, he presented a hubristic personality, however, his soft side was revealed by the time he fell in love with the Princess, being a good and trusted friend of Patroclus also. Achilles was invulnerable on all his body except for his heel, and was killed in battle by an arrow to the heel. (The movie is very visible on this part. ) Both Odysseus and Achilles were great, intelligent and peerless warriors. They were also in love when they’re forced to join the war. The first saved his son from placing in front of the plough and the later being so brave that he fear no kings, lived according to his will and desire, and went to save his Princess from danger. And though, Achilles was killed during the war and Odysseus was trying to get his armor away from Agamemnon. For me, they are just fair of becoming great models to everyone. They are heroes and great models in their own way and right.

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Using RFID Technology to Replace Bar Codes and Scanners in the Harley-D

Overview of the Case Study Harley-Davidson (H-D) and other companies that have many manufacturing plants or production units and various dealerships may consider implementing RFID technology as a means of increasing the efficiency of all parts of its supply chain. An abstract from Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia describes Radio-frequency identification (RFID), as a technology that uses radio waves to transmit data and uniquely identify an animal, person or thing. This case study looks at the potential use of RFID technology to replace bar codes and scanners in Harley-Davidson supply chain. It indentifies some pros and cons of its implementation and addresses the question – What are some of the issues Harley-Davidson will face in comparison with those experienced by other companies such as Wall-Mart when they tried to implement RFID in their supply chains. Finally it will present a timetable for the adoption of RFID technology by Harley-Davidson in its supply chain. Problem Statement â€Å"It was over a period of several years, Harley-Davidson reduced its number of suppliers from 4000 to fewer than 350† (Schneider, 2009), despite this reduction, it still has a significant spread of its operations. For a company incorporating such a supply chain in its sales of motorcycles and related product yearly, reducing or maintaining costs is very important. In such a situation the need to find more efficient ways to conduct the various aspects of the business in its supply chain is ongoing. â€Å"The part of an industry value chain that precedes a particular strategic business unit is often called a supply chain† (Schneider 2009), p. 230. Harley-Davidson supply chain will include all the companies involved in the design, production, ... ...and-Held-2D-Bar code-Scanner---Advantages-and-Disadvantages Retrieved from Radio-frequency Identification (10/1/2009) Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition p1-1,1p Retrieved from Database: Primary Search Roberti, M. (n.d.) New to RFID Journal, Welcome to RFID Journal Schneider, G. (2009). BUS 107 Electronic Commerce (8th edition) Course Technology, Cengage Learning, Strayer University Technologies: RFID/ What is RFID? TIBCO’s Solution for RFID implementation and integration Works Cited `Schneider, G. (2009). BUS 107 Electronic Commerce (8th edition) Course Technology, Cengage Learning, Strayer University

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Courtship Of Mr Lyon and Wolf Alice Comparison Essay Essay

Extract: The Courtship of Mr Lyon from ‘the voice that seemed to issue from a care full of echoes’ to ‘he went on all fours’. Using this extract as your starting point and this reference to one other story of your choice, you should: -Explore Carter’s manipulation of language to develop the voice of the lion and the reaction of the girl to it. -Examine how Carter exploits the voices of her characters in both stories to comment on attitudes towards characters that are different. The Courtship of Mr Lyon loosely refers to the main storyline presented with the fairytale; The Beauty and The Beast. It is heavily feminine and throughout strives for the equality between men and women, despite their potential ‘otherness’s’. Combined with Wolf Alice, loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s: Alice through the Looking Glass, Carter uses a variety of linguistics and literary techniques in order to communicate a strong sense of voice to the reader. Developing this, then enables Carter to manipulate language to suggest the reactions and relationships between characters within both stories. Throughout the extract, Carter uses a third person omniscient narrative in order to create a sense of separation from events, potentially mimicking the attitudes of society. In general those who tend to ‘stick out’ are ignored, abandoned and shunned. The use of this narrative choice enables reader’s to be faced with the reality of their actions and encourage them to change their views. Beauty exists within days of ‘pastel-coloured idleness’, a sense of boredom reinforced by the use of soft sounding constanants and open vowels. The choice of these lexis help to suggest details regarding Beauty’s persona, a passive character, innocent and submissive, unable to make her own decisions, reflecting historical context, many women were considered to occupy this role within Carter’s writing time. With, ‘a kind of halo’ the Beast appears almost saintly, providing a distraction from Beauty’s monotonous existence. This also suggests the Beast is the authoritative figure within the relationship, Beauty possesses somewhat of awe towards him. However, the distinct lexical choice ‘kind’ suggests the Beast is not entirely what he seems, his sense of ‘otherness’ never able to leave him totally. The Beast appears to hold the position of authority between himself and Beauty; ‘he was irradiated’ foregrounding the anaphoric references ‘he’, highlighting the importance the Beast possesses. A strong sense of the voice of the lion is created through the Beast ‘forc(ing) himself to master his shyness’ revealing feelings the Beast possesses, through a internal third person narration. However, unlike Beauty, who is unable to defeat the ‘small talk (that) turned to dust in her mouth’, the Beast overcomes his sense of fear, yet again suggesting he is stronger than Beauty, a strong sense of character and voice created through repeated reinforcing of the character of the Beast. He can relate to Beauty, ‘(gazing) at her with green, inscrutable eyes’, he is able to understand that she needs to see herself different, shake off the societal constraints she has become conditioned to obey. Beauty is submissive, no longer shying away from the Beast, she has come to accept the Beast’s ‘otherness’ much more, and realises her potential, of which he has created. Beauty sees her face ‘as if it were a bud’, suggesting her potential, she needs to grow and mature, with her stark realisation; ‘all he is doing is kissing my hands’, reinforcing how far Beauty has already progressed, as at the start, she is afraid to acknowledge the Beast’s existence. Earlier in the story, when Beauty first enters the Beast’s castle, her father is attacked by the Beast, who shook him ‘until his teeth rattled’ and ‘yapped distractedly’ after. Although these actions are not that expected from a ‘normal’ member of society, and suggest the Beast possesses very little humanity at that moment, the humorous nature of the phrases suggest that the Beast may not be as frightening as initially thought, hinting to the reader foreshadowing, already actions of the Beast are not all as they appear. The Beast sees the ‘absolute sweetness’ of Beauty, an ambiguous syntactic parallel, suggesting to the reader that not only the Beast, but Beauty too possesses ‘otherness’, as her beauty, ‘who looked as if she had been carved out of a single pearl’ hinders her development, she is treated as a possession, and has very little idea how to interact with humans alongside her in society. Within Wolf Alice, a third person restricted narrative is used to emphasise the central character’s sense of ‘otherness’ within the story. Described as a ‘ragged girl’, with a ‘panting tongue’ that ‘runs on all fours’, Wolf Alice is introduced as different from the rest of the society. The voice of the narrator stating ‘her pace is not our pace’. The inclusive audience address of ‘our’ perhaps suggesting, similar to within The Courtship Of Mr Lyon, that society wishes to separate themselves from people that appear different, or unique, a belief that Carter wishes to challenge, emphasised by the phrase; ‘she was lonely enough’. However, the repetition of the lexis ‘pace’ may suggest similarities between Wolf Alice and the rest of society, even though different, there are similarities also, Wolf Alice is not entirely different. The Nuns, supposedly religious and accepting, ‘poured water over her, poked her with sticks to rouse her’. Evidently, these are against Wolf Alice’s otherness, containing within them the views of the entire society. However, Carter may also be using the Nun’s as an alternative, additional message, that religion too is deteriorating. Throughout The Courtship of Mr Lyon, the idea of eyes is repeated frequently. A symbol of understanding and potential, ‘as if her eyes’ the Beast is able to see the possibilities Beauty contains and wishes her to encourage her character to blossom. Earlier in the story, Beauty finds the Beast’s ‘bewildering difference from herself almost intolerable’, she focuses only on the differences between themselves, and has a lack of understanding and appreciation. The progression Beauty has made in accepting other’s differences is highlighted as ‘the stiff bristle of (the Beast’s) muzzle’ graze on her lap, and Beauty does not retreat. Within the Beast’s eyes, ‘she saw herself repeated twice’ possibly showing Beauty’s realisation. She is now able to see how she is viewed by society, as well as the changes she has made herself. She is no longer shallow or possesses appearance-dominated beliefs. Beauty is amazed at ‘how is was that she had never noticed before that his agate eyes were equipped with lids like those of a man’, she has finally come to accept both her own and the Beast’s otherness, and is content and comfortable with herself. ‘It was no longer a lion in her arms but a man’, concludes the main idea of the story, both Beauty and the Beast have found themselves and are comfortable, despite the reactions and isolation they experience from society. They are happy together and become one, the idea highlighted with the tense change of the last syntax, the present tense suggesting a continuation, suggesting this occurs in the present, and should continue, an idea which resonates within the reader’s mind. Finally, the Duke too, within Wolf Alice has differences and repulses society; ‘his thin legs scabbed with old scars where thorns scored his pelt’. Society too has hate for him, he is an outcast, much like Wolf Alice. ‘Old scars’ suggest previous encounters with society, their macabre actions, wounding the Duke. Carter is challenging the reader, just because actions are completed by the masses, does it make them right? The Duke ‘sees, nowhere a reflection of himself’. He has retreated from society, he does not accept his character, further emphasised by his separation from society, living on his own in a ‘gloomy mansion’. Potential fear the villagers have towards the Duke is highlighted within the humorous euphemism ‘lupine fiesta’s’, perhaps suggesting that the reader’s do not want to accept responsibility for the actions they have performed which have driven the Duke to be so un-human. The repeated capitalisation of ‘Duke’ also suggesting respect, if not fear, towards the strong, seemingly soulless character. If they had been accepting and nurturing, the Duke may have been able to blossom and progress, yet their harsh, judgemental actions have secluded the Duke, leading him to live a primal life, no conscious present. However, throughout the story, Wolf Alice grows and matures from a child to a woman, gradually developing human-like characteristics, such as the need for hygiene, ‘looking for rags to sop the blood up’. After meeting the Duke, Wolf Alice continues to progress and encourages the Duke to do so too. Finally, ‘as if brought into being by her soft, moist, gentle tongue†¦ the face of the Duke’ appears in the mirror. The ideas of the story concluded, similar to The Courtship Of Mr Lyon, Wolf Alice and the Duke both accept their otherness, and encourage the other to do so. All are able to find happiness and live contently despite the views society may possess. Carter is suggesting that feminism does not mean a dominating sex, but equality between them, as each is equal within creation. In conclusion Carter’s use of literary and linguistic techniques successfully portray the sense of voice and the reactions of characters within both stories to the idea of otherness. Her final ideas are concluded well within both stories, creating a clear message which resonates and questions the reader, encouraging them to consider their actions within a modern-day society.

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The Fall Of Rome During The Twentieth Century - 904 Words

Scholars have debated over the question of the Fall of Rome for centuries. Until the late twentieth century, no one argued against the commonly held belief that Rome had been taken over by â€Å"barbarians† through violent and bloody invasions. Everyone assumed that the Roman people and the Barbarians where hostile toward one another. Others thought that Rome never fell and that the Germanic people gave it a new sense of life. But recently scholars have come to argue that the â€Å"fall† of Rome had come about more peacefully and through assimilation and migration rather than invasion. According to Bryan Ward- Perkins, a historian of the later Roman Empire, â€Å"Words like ‘decline’ and ‘crisis’, which suggest problems at the end of the empire and which were quite usual into the 1970’s have largely disappeared from historians’ vocabularies, to be replaced by neutral terms, like ‘transition’, ‘change’, a nd ‘transformation’.† This radical change in reasoning has scholars arguing over how the â€Å"fall† of Rome actually came about. The Western Empire did not fall due to invasion the period regarded as the â€Å"fall† was really just a time of transition due to the assimilation of the Germanic peoples facilitated by weaknesses in the Roman system of government. Before beginning to address the so-called fall of Rome, we must define what it is that we are calling â€Å"Rome†. Rome is characterized not just by the city itself, but by the surrounding areas over which it had power, the customs of its people,Show MoreRelatedThe Fall of Rome and Nazi Germany697 Words   |  3 PagesSocieties flourish and fall, all of them do. They fight and suffer and even kill to keep their society alive. As a result, societies like ancient Rome and Nazi Germany, eventually fall and crumble. Over time some of these societies recover, but are never the same again. Societies fail due to political corruption, loss of resources and war. These obstacles are hard to overcome, but not impossible. These obstacles weaken and tear at societies, until they finally break, turning them into a piece ofRead MoreAfter the Way Called Heresy Book Review1140 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Book of Acts. The Mighty God in Christ doctrine is in fact the doctrine of the early church. This Movement did not die out in the third and fourth centuries, but has continued to grow and now is One of the fastest growing Movements in the twentieth century. This book gives amazing Documented proof of the Oneness believer in every century. The purposed of this paper is to show The line of Oneness believers throughout church history. Chapter 1 In chapter one we find the foundation of theRead More The History of Capitalism Essay1371 Words   |  6 Pages Mercantilism can be simply defined as the allotment of trading goods for profit. Rome is credited with the first formation of a mercantile society. As the Rome Empire expanded, mercantilism expanded with it, spreading into the Middle East and Western Europe. Due the localizing nature of European economies this enabled mercantilism to expand and was not part of the European culture. Thus by the fifteenth century, when the Roman Empire began to retrench so did mercantilism (â€Å"Hooker†). In contrastRead MoreQuestion 1:. The Fall Of Constantinople In 1453 Was The1173 Words   |  5 Pages1: The Fall of Constantinople in 1453 was the siege of Constantinople (New Rome), the capital of the Byzantine Empire which took place in 1453. The siege was led by the seventh sultan of the Ottoman Empire, the 21-year-old Mehmed the Conqueror, ruler of the Ottoman Turks, Sultan Mehmed II and his invading army who defeated an army that was commanded by Constantine XI Palaiologos. Consequently, the defeat of Constantinople on 6 April 1453, led to a 53-day siege. This event marked the fall and theRead MoreForeign Exchange Explained718 Words   |  3 PagesOur nation has been protected from the role of money as a commodity. As Americans we enjoyed a world where the U.S dollar is the primary currency of exchange and strength during the twentieth century. In Europe, the citizens often travel to a next-door nation where their currency is much different than their own. Americans frequently travel to Mexico or Canada where our U.S dollars are accepted. Now a day, our dollars may no longer be t he main currency of exchange, and may not be the desired currencyRead MoreComparing Empires Rome and China3033 Words   |  13 Pageswas called the â€Å"Son of Heaven† and was responsible for conducting sacrifices to both Heaven and Earth. The word â€Å"Heaven† referred more or less to what we would call â€Å"nature†: the succession of day and night, and the motions of the stars and planets. During the first millennium BCE, the concept of the â€Å"Mandate of Heaven† was applied. If an emperor oppressed the people, Heaven could withdraw a dynasty’s right to govern. Relationships with societies they governed a. Romans were always a minority inRead MoreHist10412 Essay1952 Words   |  8 Pageshelp build the foundations of a great empire; however an economy may lead to an empire’s fall. ‘Wealth is the basis for military power and for wealth to be secure military power is essential’.2 The British Empire at the peak of its power was the largest, most economically superior empire the globe has seen; it ruled a quarter of the globes population. Through economic growth over the course of number centuries the empire went a minnow island to leading superpower. At the heart of The Empire was itsRead More Attila The Hun Essay example1366 Words   |  6 Pages Attila the Hun is known as one of the most ferocious leaders of ancient times. He was given the nickname â€Å"Scourge God† because of his ferocity. During the twentieth century, â€Å"Hun† was one of the worst name you could call a person, due to Attila. The Huns were a barbaric and savage group of people, and Attila, their leader, was no exception. He was the stereotypical sacker of cities and killer of babies. The Huns lasted long after their disappearance in mythology and folklore, as the bad guy. GenerallyRead MoreEvolution Of Architecture Throughout The Centuries Essay1420 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution of Architecture Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the evolution of architecture throughout the centuries. By studying this evolution and change in mostly materials and techniques, but also designs, we can develop a better understanding of our own modern architecture and trace its roots back to the centuries before us. This paper will be taking a special look at the Roman, Medieval, Victorian and Modern time periods to give a good general view of how we’ve taken fromRead More Cleopatras Beauty Essay3422 Words   |  14 Pagesonly the person that dictates what is beautiful; the time period during which beauty is portrayed must be taken into account as well. The aesthetic ideal of the Renaissance is quite different from that of todays typical beauty. When applying these questions to Cleopatra, the only way to judge her beauty is by the works in which she is depicted. One obvious obstacle with this judgment is that everyone creates his or her works during different time periods. Another p roblem with the depiction of Cleopatras